General Rules


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General Board-wide

  • The official language of the Forum is English. Please post only in English.
  • No posts / profiles containing aggressive behavior, racism, political slurs or talking about religion or faiths.
  • Do not start or take part in flame wars. Please keep the tone respectful and keep it civil. Trolling will not be tolerated.
  • Please read the FAQ and Announcement posts before asking questions to any staff.
  • Remember always to notify a Moderator or submit a report if you find anything you feel violates any rules.
  • Duplicate accounts, Boosting/Sharing accounts, Selling/Trading accounts or invites is not allowed.
  • Selling/Trading invites to other forums or private trackers isn't allowed, even with pearls.
  • Usernames should be appropriate and should not trick users into thinking you are RKRips Staff (Ex. Mod, Moderator, Staff, etc)
  • Selling any kind of pirated content/teamdrive/accounts is prohibited.
  • Attempting to bypass any limitations or restrictions is prohibited.

Posting Etiquette

  • All links must be mirrored before being posted and not shared from other places.
  • All posts must include a Poster/Logo.
  • Pornographic Material should only be posted in the NSFW section on the forum or Discord.
  • Advertising in any form without the express consent of the Staff is prohibited.
    I.e. Plugging a personal website, advertising any products/services
  • Hidereact BBcode should not contain any other post restrictions within.
  • Reaction/Pearl begging, or using HideReact BBCode in comments is strictly prohibited.
  • Thread Hijacking is strictly prohibited.

Warning System

  • Unused accounts (accounts with no activity) and inactivated accounts may be deleted.
  • When a user has received 3 warning points they will be banned for a pre-defined period of 6 months.
  • The number of warning points a user may receive upon a given warning is up to the discresion of the staff member.

This list of Forum Rules and Policies are not complete and are subject to change at any time.
Breaking any of the rules above can lead to Warnings, Bans, or Account/Post modification/deletion.